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Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet

Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet

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Byzantine chainmail bracelets.   

Constructed with anodized aluminum, this bracelet's weave resists rust and tarnishing in typical conditions. It can be worn in the shower or pool without complications, but chemicals may damage the metal, so removal when dealing with cleaning agents is recommended.

We have 26 colors available. Please indicate your preferred primary and secondary colors when purchasing this bracelet. Primary color will be the more prominent hue (e.g. silver or black in the pictured design) while secondary color will be the accent shade.

Bracelets are available in 3 sizes.

SM : 5.5" (+ 1" extender chain)
MD : 6.5" (+ 1" extender chain) *Standard size we carry in-store
LG : 7.5" (*1" extender chain)

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